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Building your brand

Building your brand with a powerful purpose needs a genuine and authentic story.

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Knife industry: The Biggest Threat

Betting on a powerful lobby by the EKA is perhaps the best option for now. Defending what we have, trying to prevent regulations and restrictions. All involved letting them realize that knives are tools (Man’s first tool!) and not weapons.

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Long term Content Marketing

If you believe in long term, sustainable business growth, we might be the right partner for you. Together with you we will find the right, authentic story highlighting your business to the right public.

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Google ranking: Duplicate content

Avoid the use of duplicate content to prevent being punsihed by Google.

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Creating binge-worthy content

Creating binge content will help you to get involved customers.

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Welcome business partner!

This website is meant to provide support, marketing tips and documentation for our business partners. Here we will publish all…

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Lead generation

Lead generation is meant to get more leads with potential buyers of your products and a higher conversion to actual…

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How to Run a Successful Business in the knife industry?

One of the main difficulties are the huge influx of newcomers in the industry. Manufacturers, retailers, knifemakers, suppliers. Every year many newcomers/startups are added to all areas of the knife sector. And all want a slice of the cake. So the cake has to be divided between more and more companies.