ED-Media created a platform for the knife industry, -community and individual consumers. On this platform demand & supply and rich content merge together in one big informative encyclopedia where consumers can find all relevant information needed about specific knives, maintenance, where to buy or general information.

When a consumer wants to read, for example, a review about a particular knife, the content can be linked with relevant information on where to buy, maybe with a discount voucher when bought today and that kind of mechanisms.

The platform exists out of:
Knives from Europe: English general knife related in particular for European companies and consumers.
EDCpraat: Dutch general Every Day Carry.
Knives Heaven: global English general knife related for companies & consumers from all countries/regions.
EDC Heaven: global English general Every Day Carry for companies & consumers from all countries/regions.

ED-Media strives to offer affordable marketing to individual knifemakers, suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and so on. They do no longer have to worry about Search Engine Optimisation, Google Ranking, and so on.

Another goal is to support and vitalize the knife community in Europe. The market in the USA is ten times larger, while in Europe we have a lot more citizens. So there is a huge unused potential. We are convinced of the potential and want to contribute to this growth because we are enthusiast knifecollectors and users ourselves.