Our marketing platform for the knife & edc industry

Only 2 weeks to go in 2019. And we are about to launch our marketing platform for the knife & edc industry. Right now we are working 18 hours a day to finish the websites. Technically they are all working. But we need to polish and finish some parts. Nothing major!

We are very proud of what we accomplished in just a couple of months, providing an excellent platform for consumers and our business partners. Where rich content meets demand & supply. Where consumers can find information about knives and edc related gear. To see pictures, to read reviews and to watch video’s. Even listen to podcasts!

Right now the content on the platform is mainly meant for testing purpose. But we already have independent content creators going to publish their content on our platform.

And we are proud that we already have a few business partners to publish their content on our platform as well. They will benefit from this partnership. Their marketing is tremendously supported by our platform. Their content will be optimized for search engines. So consumers will find their content much easier because it will be ranked higher in the search results. This will generate more leads and, in the end, more sales.

Are you satisfied about your marketing? And the way consumers can find you? Does your content generate enough leads to get enough sales?

And, of course, we will also create content ourselves. We are working hard on our own formats.

2020 will be a great year. We are confident our approach and platform will support the knife & edc industry tremendously.

Author: henkh

Active in the knife industry as marketing consultant. Active community member and collector of all kinds of knives. Like to share my knowledge. Co-founder of Bladestock, Bladestock Brothers. Founder of ED-Media, Knives from Europe, EDC praat, Knives Heaven, European Knife Association, EDC Heaven.

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