Search Engine Optimisation

For this article, let’s focus on Google. First because it is the most important search engine. Second because a lot what applies for Google als applies for other search engines. Google is trendsetting and leading.

Google exists of 3 main components

  • a crawler (or searchbot or spiderbot)
  • an index (a huge database filled with links with content for each link)
  • an alogorithm (which determines the value of variables and in the end this means how high you’re website will be ranked in search results)

The Google Algorithm

All kinds of variables do influence the results of this algorithm. For example website speed matters and the amount of links (outbound links, inbound links as well as internal links). But the quality of your content and the way you provide it to your website visitors is the most important. This means you have to provide the Google bot with a well defined structure of the content/data on your website. Because Google will not reveal the exact algorithm it is very hard for website administrators and designers to fullfill to the demands of the algorithm. But there is a way.

So with each step: keep the user experience in mind.

This needs a lot of practicing and is not easy. Luckily we are here to help. Our platform uses several techniques and tools providing a very well executed SEO. We will help you optimize every piece of content you publish on our platform when you are a businesspartner. And we will provide Google with well structured data and index/sitemap of our platform.

The Platform

  • Every Day Carry website in Dutch: EDCpraat
  • English website all about knives: KnivesfromEurope
  • In a later stadium the English websites EDCHeaven and KnivesHeaven both for global coverage of Every Day Carry and Knives.
  • And, of course, this website for sharing our knowledge and tips & trics with our valued businesspartners.

Author: henkh

Active in the knife industry as marketing consultant. Active community member and collector of all kinds of knives. Like to share my knowledge. Co-founder of Bladestock, Bladestock Brothers. Founder of ED-Media, Knives from Europe, EDC praat, Knives Heaven, European Knife Association, EDC Heaven.

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