Marketing versus Branding

In a previous article we talked about marketing, what marketing is and topics to cover in a marketing plan. In this article I want to zoom in on one of the many ways to shape your marketing. Remember, there are a lot of ways and methods to plan your marketing. Not all are effective. And some need a huge budget. The steps we describe here are very effective and sustainable and can be accomplished with a tight budget.

Of course there is a lot more involved for a proper marketing. But defining your mission statement, the company values & branding you can establish a sturdy foundation for your marketing plan. Don’t forget to describe your goals & objectives. Be clear about what you want to accomplish! All stakeholders should be aware of this. In this article we cover several elements of a Marketing Plan.

Author: henkh

Active in the knife industry as marketing consultant. Active community member and collector of all kinds of knives. Like to share my knowledge. Co-founder of Bladestock, Bladestock Brothers. Founder of ED-Media, Knives from Europe, EDC praat, Knives Heaven, European Knife Association, EDC Heaven.

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