Trend Watching

Running a company is complex. You have to deal with lots of issues. For example how much materials you need in stock for a flawless production without having impact on your cashflow, the same for keeping stock of your products with a delicate balance between impact on your cashflow but enough to be able to provide your customers. And a lot more issues. In this article we want to discuss trends which companies have to deal with.

If you are a designer, a manufacturer, supplier or a handcraftsman, you have to deal with trends. Trends on various area’s of your business. For example trends in design, materials but also economical. Companies which are able to anticipate effectively in an early stage on certain trends relevant for their business, have the least problems; actually these companies can benefit of shifting trends.

Some trends from the recent past relevant for the knife industry

To help you to prepare & adjust to future trends, we will discuss certain trends in depth in the future. Your opinion is of value! So feel free to leave your comment.

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