Knife industry: The Biggest Threat

Right now, the biggest threat for the European knife industry in general and your business in particular, is the increasing regulation from national legislation. More and more European countries & politician are restricting owning, buying, carrying and using knives. Rumours tell on a European level far-reaching regulations are being prepared. Millions in sales in the industry and thousands of jobs are at stake.

Your company is at risk!

For the medium and long term, it is important to anticipate changing circumstances. So here are some things you can do.

  • Become a member of the European Knife Association.
    The Association (in formation) will start a lobby towards politics to defend your rights; while educating politician & civilians that knives are tools.
  • Be sure to be informed correctly about knife legislation for those countries where your customers are located.
  • When you have to transport knives across a border, be sure you do it according local legislation.
  • Start thinking about the long term strategy for your company.

EKA or European Knife Association

Betting on a powerful lobby by the EKA is perhaps the best option for now. Defending what we have, trying to prevent regulations and restrictions. All involved letting them realize that knives are tools (Man’s first tool!) and not weapons. That mostly cheap kitchen knives are misused as weapon. And that regulation & restrictions will not prevent misuse to happen because legislation only affects honorable citizens respecting the law.

If you not already support the EKA, start today!

Author: henkh

Active in the knife industry as marketing consultant. Active community member and collector of all kinds of knives. Like to share my knowledge. Co-founder of Bladestock, Bladestock Brothers. Founder of ED-Media, Knives from Europe, EDC praat, Knives Heaven, European Knife Association, EDC Heaven.

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