Long term Content Marketing

To establish a sustainable, long term content marketing program, various factors are of importance. To name just a few:

A genuine story

You need a story! The story (or better: narrative!) of you, your company and your products. A genuine story which enables your customers to identify with. The story tells about your purpose. Why is your company existing? Why did you start it? What insipered you when you started your business? What is your daily recurring motivation to stay in business?

A genuine story is a solid foundation for the marketing of your business in the long term!


Wether you are a manufacturer, a retailer, distributor or a one-man-operated business, authenticity is one of the most relevant factors to distuinguish your business of the competition and as key component for the purpose of your company. Authenticity always prevails over the long term! Your customers will know if you are genuinly authentic. It will show!


The right attitude is a key factor for successfully positioning your business. For your customers, but also within the industry and community.

Decisiveness & Passion

Decisiveness & passion are a necessity for a consistent, sustainable content marketing. It is of one the most important properties for a succesful long term marketing. It makes your brand valuable and will ensure continuïty & controlled growth of your business.

So, what is the story of you and your business?


If you believe in long term, sustainable business growth, we might be the right partner for you. Together with you we will find the right, authentic story highlighting your business to the right audience. For each chapter of the Binge content, we will time the perfect moment. With integrated programs, and creative formats, we can make real impact. Make the right choice for the existance of your business, and you will be chosen by your customers. The connection of your brand & business with society and your customers, will determine your existance highly.

Author: henkh

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